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Aug. 29th, 2013

Thinking about starting to post in here again. Does anybody read this?
Why is it that people are doing things like keeping their porch lights on for Caylee Anthony, yet nobody cared about the four girls that Banita Jacks killed and lived with their bodies for six months? I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that her daughters were black?! There are countless other stories that received nowhere near as much coverage as the Casey Anthony trial. That's just one that comes to mind, but it's a huge problem when one child gets more coverage than all these other children who have been abused. Let's "keep the porch lights on", or whatever the pointless gesture of the day is, for those victims too, shall we?

Feb. 27th, 2010

Today I went curling with leftwinger. And I hurt my wrist. Yep, I got a curling injury. Awesome.


Things I bought this weekend:

+ Chanukah cookie cutters! I saw this really lovely set of jewish cookie cutters at the kosher grocery store, but they were kind of pricey -- $10 for a set of 5. So I went to the judaica store next door and bought a set of plastic cookie cutters for $3.
+ A bencher. I'm going through a transition period, with regard to Judaism. When I can afford to spend a bit more money, I'll get a siddur and some other texts. The bencher was only $3 so I figure it's a good start for now.
+ Pink hair dye. I'm not sure what to do with it yet (other than dye my hair, duh -- I mean how I'm going to do it). It's not like anybody's calling me in for job interviews or anything, so I figure that this is a good time.
+ A ton of squash. Yum.

Dec. 14th, 2008

Mitch Albom's column today sums up exactly how I feel about the auto bailout. The auto industry is no less deserving of a bailout than the financial sector is, failure of these companies will cost more people their jobs, and the CEOs of these companies are making greater concessions than any of the banks. It's absurd that the financial sector was given $700 billion, no questions asked, yet the big 3 can't get 2% of that even with a plan.


So I think I may have broken my hand skating today (I took my wrist guards off for two minutes and used my hands to break my fall -- I'm an idiot). I dont have health insurance since I quit my job. I'm putting off going to the ER (assuming I do go at all) til tomorrow since I have to babysit tonight. And I kind of want to kill myself now.
After having spent way way way too much time looking at pictures and recipes in bakebakebake, I trekked out to Aspen Hill today to go to Michael's and look at cake/candy decorating materials. I bought:

- 8 pack of food coloring (supposedly this brand makes super bright colors)
- edible "shimmer dust" in white, silver, and gold
- white candy melts
- star-shaped candy molds
- pink and purple cupcake liners
- a gun type thing for piping icing and filling in candy molds

So now I'm just itching to bake rainbow cupcakes, but I have to wait a week or so. If I make them today, I'll have nobody to pawn them off on. If I wait, I've got 20something kickball teammates and their kids to give them to.


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